What you Should be Doing as Fall is Arriving

Posted by: Jake Smith

If you’re like me, your back and arms are starting to get sore from raking, I guess it’s finally time to stop trying to deny it, Fall has arrived. That doesn’t have to be all bad though! With season changing it’s going to be easier to go on long walks without the sun burning you to a crisp! It’s the time to start making stew, soup and chili again! The season changing does come with a cost though, you probably need to check on some things in addition to cleaning out the gutters and figuring out what you’re going to do with all your yard waste.


  • Programable thermostat – These are an excellent money saver for warmer weather and colder weather, it will allow you to set what your comfortable temperatures are for different times of the day, no sense in running heat all day while you’re at work!
  • Test home safety devices – You should be checking these all the time anyway, but now that you’ll be running your furnace more often, it’s important that you have replaced batteries and tested your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Have your furnace inspected – You haven’t run your furnace in almost 6 months, how do you know if it’s still in tip top shape? Hire someone to come out to do a quick maintenance check and make sure everything is running smoothly.


  • Clean your shed or garage – All those tools you love to play with during the warmer parts of the year are getting ready to go into hibernation, so it’s a good idea to make sure they have an organized place to stay that’s out of the way for the coming months.
  • Check your trees – Winter can be rough on tree limbs, look to see if there are any concerning looking branches that could snap with one good windy day, if you find any that are looming over any part of a structure, or power lines, you should probably get them cut down.
  • Check your water drainage – Look around to make sure all your downspouts are directing water away from your home efficiently, otherwise it will start sinking into the soil and possibly into your foundation, if this water freezes it can cause serious damage to your home.

If you want to know more what you can do to prep for colder times, you can read all about it here!